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Study Archive – Emmanuel Johnson
To Grow a Tree Journal V: Narrowing Down on Documentary Topic

  At the moment, it has solidly been established that I want to explore the topic of happiness, whilst focusing on affect, and looking into the feeling of mutuality experienced by International students within small groups of collective interests. Nonetheless, I am struggling to pinpoint a narrow topic for the documentary that I intend to […]

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The Use of Tonal and Overtonal Montage in Captain America: Civil War

Tonal and overtonal montage(s) are great carriers of meaning and emotion within film. It is crucial for the audience of a media text to understand what is being shown on screen. The expression of emotion often plays an important role in the understanding of narrative by the audience. In Captain America: Civil War, both tonal […]

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To Grow a Tree Journal IV: International Students > Urban Culture

  http://gph.is/2qyiOHM My research process has seen my focus transition from an extremely broad perception of happiness to a more narrowed down view. I have been speaking to people and researching on the topic of happiness, in hopes of gaining a stronger understanding of what I truly desire to achieve with this project. The discourse […]

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This film uses all of Einsenstien’s 5 montages in depicting reality. Film produced and directed by Emmanuel Johnson and Stephanie Silitonga, starring Jonathan Napitupulu and Mabel Alkali.

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Futuristic – Reflection

Link to Powerpoint Slides: FINAL Futuristic HUMBLE Working in Futuristic group was a pleasant and life-changing experience for me. I would say I learnt a lot; from the process of selecting the right application to use, to working on the right things to say in the presentation. Most of my new-found knowledge is centred around structure […]

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Representation of Women in International Cinema

Society has witnessed a fresh wave which has brought about change in the way women are represented within it, or maybe this is only a myth and not reality. Are women truly liberated within the 21st Century society? Based on vague knowledge, the answer to that question is yes. Nevertheless, after close analysis, that might […]

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