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May 2017 – Emmanuel Johnson
Futuristic – Reflection

Link to Powerpoint Slides: FINAL Futuristic HUMBLE Working in Futuristic group was a pleasant and life-changing experience for me. I would say I learnt a lot; from the process of selecting the right application to use, to working on the right things to say in the presentation. Most of my new-found knowledge is centred around structure […]

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Representation of Women in International Cinema

Society has witnessed a fresh wave which has brought about change in the way women are represented within it, or maybe this is only a myth and not reality. Are women truly liberated within the 21st Century society? Based on vague knowledge, the answer to that question is yes. Nevertheless, after close analysis, that might […]

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Creative Activism: The Space of the Club

  Young individuals are faced with contemporary pressures of various kinds daily. Because of demands placed on us by parents and figures of authority, we are facing a struggle to attain the standard required of us by agents of power.   The dynamic space, which is the club, is the saviour many young people now […]

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Depression as a result of Postmodern Contemporary Pressures on Society

The digital advancement of society has created an impact on the mental health and psychology of its populace. As a group, we have decided to take on the topic: Depression as a result of Postmodern Contemporary Pressures on Society. This idea has been formulated from our individual interests. The following components from the module have […]

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Psycho: A Reflection of the Gaze

Ever heard statements like: He has such good outward personae, but his lifestyle is all shades of grey? Or statements like devil in sheep’s clothing… This reflection looks into the imminent dark personality of every human through the use of Lacan’s function of the gaze as highlighted in the 1982 movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock – Psycho. […]

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The Dark Knight: An In-Depth Psychoanalytical Critique

  The film, The Dark Knight depicts an incredible embodiment of Psychoanalytic and Semiotic theories. It also reflects fragments of the screen-spectator relationship and unconscious fears within society. This movie replicates the structure of the mind according to Freud, and represents the following components within it: the preconscious, the conscious and the unconscious (Cherry 2016). […]

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