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Reading Notes – Emmanuel Johnson
To Grow a Tree Journal V: Narrowing Down on Documentary Topic

  At the moment, it has solidly been established that I want to explore the topic of happiness, whilst focusing on affect, and looking into the feeling of mutuality experienced by International students within small groups of collective interests. Nonetheless, I am struggling to pinpoint a narrow topic for the documentary that I intend to […]

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The Use of Tonal and Overtonal Montage in Captain America: Civil War

Tonal and overtonal montage(s) are great carriers of meaning and emotion within film. It is crucial for the audience of a media text to understand what is being shown on screen. The expression of emotion often plays an important role in the understanding of narrative by the audience. In Captain America: Civil War, both tonal […]

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To Grow a Tree Journal IV: International Students > Urban Culture

  My research process has seen my focus transition from an extremely broad perception of happiness to a more narrowed down view. I have been speaking to people and researching on the topic of happiness, in hopes of gaining a stronger understanding of what I truly desire to achieve with this project. The discourse of […]

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Futuristic – Reflection

Link to Powerpoint Slides: FINAL Futuristic HUMBLE Working in Futuristic group was a pleasant and life-changing experience for me. I would say I learnt a lot; from the process of selecting the right application to use, to working on the right things to say in the presentation. Most of my new-found knowledge is centred around structure […]

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Creative Activism: The Space of the Club

  Young individuals are faced with contemporary pressures of various kinds daily. Because of demands placed on us by parents and figures of authority, we are facing a struggle to attain the standard required of us by agents of power.   The dynamic space, which is the club, is the saviour many young people now […]

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