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Emmanuel Johnson – Page 3 – Media producer, culture lover, deep thinker and full time Arsenal fan.
Before I Get Old: What it means to belong to an Online Community

Sources: Wikia, Business Wire. Introduction Society expresses itself in collective groups, which allow for individuals to interact with each other, develop relationships, share experiences and thus create meaning. This is the realisation of communities. Nonetheless, an online community acts as a two-edged sword. It is an umbrella for healthy communication, and a platform which invades […]

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The Dark Knight: An In-depth Psychoanalytic Critique of Narrative and Characters (Draft)

  The film, The Dark Knight depicts an incredible embodiment of Psychoanalytic and Semiotic theories. It also connotes fragments of the screen-spectator relationship and unconscious fears within society. This movie reflects the structure of the mind according to Freud, and represents the following components within it: the preconscious, the conscious and the unconscious (Cherry 2016). […]

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Depression as a result of Postmodern Contemporary Pressures on Society

The digital advancement of society has created an impact on the mental health and psychology of its populace. As a group, we have decided to take on the topic: Depression as a result of Postmodern Contemporary Pressures on Society. This idea has been formulated from our individual interests. The following components from the module have […]

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An Analysis of ‘The Medium is the Message’ in Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man

The Medium is the message – the first chapter of the book, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man looks to analyse conventional perceptions and constructions of meaning, within mediums of communication. I aim to critique the perspective provided by Marshall McLuhan and provide brief comparisons to the 21stcentury society, which he, unfortunately is not part […]

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Group Study Analysis on ‘Writing Desire’ by Ursula Biemann

Writing Desire by Ursula Biemman (2001) pictures a global circulation of the body of women, and draws upon an analysis from third world countries to the first. It can be noted that, the sexuality of the female body is being objectified through dating sites. This essay film provides Biemann’s thought on how dating sites in […]

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Black Mirror: Reflection and Analysis

        In the film series, Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker challenges society’s idea of technological advancement being the primary criterion of ‘The Good Life’ in future. I shall be using the first episode of its third season as a case study for my reflection. Contemporary society and its behavioural patterns are reflected within […]

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Deep Focus: BFI’s 12 Best Essay Films Review

12 BFI’s essay film depict an embodiment of critical discourse relevant within today’s society. Some of the concepts covered include: identity, the male gaze and semiotic representations including signs and symbols. These essay films are a film style which was originally from 20th century in Europe These essay films are a film style which was […]

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